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Compliance Partners Announces Partnership with the National Rural Health Association to Provide Patient Safety, Quality, Risk, and Compliance Solutions

 National partnership provides rural and community health care centers with access to services and technology to manage complex processes.  



New Orleans, LA (October 12, 2017) – Healthcare services firm, Compliance Partners, has formed a nationwide partnership to provide patient safety, quality, risk, and compliance services and technology to members of the National Rural Health Association (NRHA), the nation’s leading association dedicated to improving access and equity in rural health care through advocacy, communication, education, and research. NRHA improves the viability of more than 21,000 health care facility members nationwide.


The national partnership between Compliance Partners and NRHA will help rural and community health care organizations access the services Compliance Partners provides for maintaining streamlined patient safety, quality, risk, and compliance programs in shifting regulatory environments. Shared services provided through this partnership will allow hospitals and community health care centers to efficiently implement industry best practices, services, and technology that have traditionally been available only to larger healthcare systems. With numerous facilities across the country sharing resources, costs are reduced without organizations losing the flexibility to respond to local conditions and needs.


To develop this partnership with NRHA, Compliance Partners underwent an extensive due diligence process.  NRHA determined that Compliance Partners could fill resource gaps for hospitals and health care centers and maximize existing resources by proving access to pooled, centralized services in various operation areas. Compliance Partners was founded by hospital executives who saw the need for an integrated system of solutions specifically designed to make patient safety, quality, risk, and compliance manageable and accessible. Compliance Partners is headquartered in New Orleans and serves health care organizations across the United States.


“Partners like Compliance Partners provide significant value to community and rural health care centers who seek streamlined, standardized administrative systems so they can focus on high-quality care for their patients,” said Larry Bedell, Chief Executive Officer of NRHA Services Corporation. “This new program will allow health care organizations in our membership to take advantage of services and technology that have traditionally only been accessible by large health systems.”


When using research and how-to-tools similar to those executed by Compliance Partners, the U.S. health care system prevented 1.3 million medical errors and avoided $12 billion in wasteful spending in a three-year time frame according to an Institute of Medicine report. Focusing on patient safety goals, including process improvement and cultural shifts, lead to quantifiable risk reduction.


“Because these processes are complex and cut across many departments and employees, staying up-to-date on patient safety, quality, risk and compliance topics can be a challenge for health care providers in an environment of budget cuts, decreasing payments, and rapid regulatory changes,” said Compliance Partners CEO, Heidi Redmond Raines. “This collaboration will help health care organizations in community and rural settings to simplify management of these issues and more effectively build organization-wide efficiencies while staying focused on providing high quality care.”


Compliance Partners’ team of certified specialists brings deep health care industry knowledge and consulting experience and offers a comprehensive knowledge-base of process solutions, and a best-in-class technology platform to centralize management and empower rural and community health care organizations to keep up with complex processes.





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The mission of Compliance Partners is to make process management simple, accessible, and cost effective. Compliance Partners has developed comprehensive patient safety, quality, risk and compliance solutions that include certified support staff, on-going professional services, and up-to-date processes powered by best-in-class technology.


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The National Rural Health Association (NRHA) is dedicated to improving the access, quality and equity in rural health care for rural Americans. And we are able to do this, in part, thanks to our committed group of NRHA Partners.  Our Partners not only provide resources to support NRHA's national efforts, they also directly assist our members through educational programming and rural-relevant products and services.


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